About us
The leading exporter of Top Branded Products to the world, Genesis Tradeway plays a key role in enhancing the clients' growth through the global marketing of its locally produced commodities. We are also importers of quality products and brands from all over the world.

Genesis Tradeway primarily focuses on:

  Gifts & Related Markets
  Home Decor
  Fashion and Apparel
  Health and Beauty Products
  Jewellery - Costume Jewellery and certified Bespoke Jewellery
  High Impact Cosmetic Products
  Baby and Toddler
  Household and Kitchen products
  Olive Oil
  General Merchandise

  Charcoal, Briquettes, Firelighters
  Contract Manufacturing
Product Design & Development
Contract Packaging

We are gradually expanding our portfolio as a shop front for all products on the market.

We bring products into South Africa.

Genesis Tradeway is currently establishing Offices in every country across the globe. This enables us to be your one stop shop for buyers and sellers worldwide. We export, distribute, import, market, and advertise your brand globally.

We are worldwide
We conclude joint ventures and strategic partnerships with best buyers and suppliers worldwide to get your products and services to the right buyers at the right time, globally.

Genesis Tradeway holds a prominent position with a number of warehouses and transport fleets in South Africa.

We have directly introduced products to Global Retailers the likes of Wal-mart, Target, Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us amongst other Global Giants in the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Genesis Tradeway was originally established as an export business in 2000. Our expanding range of international marketing platforms, hands-on strategic marketing planning and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us a very fast expanding client base.

Our vision
To be your preferred partner to give exposure to business and opportunities in the international Market, as well as professionals in the international trade business. We want you to sell more products, double or triple your income so you can have more money in the bank. Period. To be the leading supplier of Top Branded Products to the world, and in the process to play a key role in your countrys economic growth.

Would you like to get your products and services to the right buyers, at the right time?    
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All things SPLENDID have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to CIRCUMSTANCE.

If you are confident about being a part of our global expansion, send us your company profile to see if you qualify.
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Allison Backal
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Owner, Solo Para Ti
I had the pleasure of doing business with Donald for many years, working on major projects and through a television Shopping network. During this time, I learned so much from Donald. His patience and always positive attitude helped both of us achieve great sales together. Donald is a team player, is deeply concerned about the success of others and has the personal ability to motivate, inspire and really make you think about what is important. He has an open mind to a world of possibilities. The words Integrity, inspiration, conscious living and business practice immediately enter my mind when thinking about Donald in his element.
Donald is wonderful at keeping in touch and continues to be approachable. He will always remain a positive resource in my business life.
Sharon Vinderine
Toronto, Canada
Founder & CEO, PTPA Media Inc., Syndicated Columnist, Family Product Expert, Regular Fox and NBC morning show guest
It is difficult to describe Donald in only a few sentences but here is my best attempt. He is driven, energetic and seems to be a catalyst for success. Working with him was always inspirational because he has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met. Even though my primary dealings with him have been through overseas conversations, his energy, intelligence and motivation can be felt over the phone. Now that is a powerhouse that you want to be working alongside
Karin Rook
Melbourne, Austrailia
Co-founder and Director, Exquira Pty Ltd
In 2004 my business partner Muriel and I had just started with our new business venture supporting companies to go to market with their products and services to Australia. We met Donald that year in Germany. Donald, full of energy as always, full of optimism and seeing opportunities everywhere! Donald was convinced of our abilities to bring products to a further succes in Australia, not by finding business partners, but by starting distribution ourselves. And so we ordered our first container load and changed our business from consulting firm to importer and distributor. It was a win for Donald and for us! Donald will get the best out of other people by his enthusiasm, positive energy and belief in the other person. Donald is well connected and has Business connections and Friends all over the world. Thank you for your great spirit Donald!
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